Register Once: Amrod & Wizard Collective

In December 2017 Amrod acquired Wizard Collective and while both companies will continue to offer you a great range of products and services on their separate platforms, one of the benefits is that you only need to register once to take advantage of both offerings.

Both companies are strictly trade-only and our promise to our clients is that we do not compete with them for business; as such our initial registration process is very strict and requires that you supply us with the necessary documents and company information to confirm that you are a reseller.

How it Works

Once you have filled in the required fields in the “Apply to Register” section of this page and attached or mailed the necessary documentation, your application will be vetted to ensure that the core function of your business is the resale of promotional gifts and/or clothing.

If your application is approved, a once-off fee of only R 999.00 ex VAT is payable for registration at both Amrod and Wizard Collective and gives you access to the products and services of both market-leading promotional suppliers. You will receive an e-mail with the terms and conditions for Amrod and Wizard Collective as well as an invoice for the registration fee. Please read the terms and conditions carefully before signing each and sending them back to us along with proof of payment of the registration fee.

Once the registration process is complete, you will receive a separate e-mail from both Amrod and Wizard Collective with your respective log in details for the websites as well as contact details relevant to each company.

Amrod and Wizard will continue to run on our individual platforms and trade from our respective offices. To contact each company please follow the relevant link below:

You will be given two accounts which will operate separately and correspondence will need to be directed to the relevant company and handled in-house by that company.

If based in South Africa, you will receive a starter box, valued at R 1 200.00 ex VAT, jam-packed with branded samples show casing each and every type of branding method that we offer as well as 50 branded pens to hand to your clients to thank them for their orders. For clients based outside of South Africa that register successfully, please enquire about the starter box with your Amrod representative. Below is a full breakdown of what is included in the starter box:

  • A water bottle with Direct To Bottle Printing
  • A screen printed ruler
  • A debossed notebook with foiling, a domed sicker as well as a belly band
  • A power bank with direct to product printing
  • A USB with a domed sticker
  • A laser engraved business card holder
  • A set of Amrod catalogues; 1 gifts and 1 clothing catalogue
  • A Wizard Collective catalogue
  • A shopper bag with direct digital transfer printing
  • 50 x "Thank you for your order" pad printed pens
  • 1 x debossing swatch
  • 1 x embroidery swatch
  • 1 x laser etching swatch
  • Swatches presented in a gift box with a domed sticker
  • A sublimated umbrella
  • Mints with a vinyl sticker

Starting Out

Amrod Corporate Logo


All newly registered clients begin on our Jade Tier and the service bundle offered is as follows:

  • Ordering: All orders must be placed online
  • Branding: All Logo24 items can be ordered with branding; please note that items that are not part of our Logo24 offering cannot be branded on our entry-level tier, Jade

For queries and assistance once registered with Amrod, kindly contact the friendly staff in our Jade Call Centre.

All newly registered clients begin on Wizard Collective’s Economy Tier.

What to Aim for

At Amrod, we focus on rewarding loyal clients. This is achieved through the industry’s longest running and most successful loyalty and rewards programme, The Amrod Loyalty Programme. Our loyalty programme features 10 loyalty tiers with varying degrees of benefits, the most significant of which is our discount structure which offers discounts of up to 22.5%. As you climb the tiers, you gain access to higher discounts, giving you a competitive pricing advantage.

Click here to view the full range of discounts and benefits.

Please note that should there be no movement on your account for a period of 12 consecutive months, you will need to re-register and the compulsory registration fee needs to be paid in order for your account to be re-activated.

Apply to Register

If you meet the criteria for a promotional goods and clothing reseller and would like to apply to register with us, please complete your details below.

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You can upload your documentation in PDF format using the fields below. It will be attached and sent along with the registration form.

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